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1. How are AI and Data Science changing gaming and entertainment?

2. What are the frontier open problems for AI and Data Science in gaming?

3. How can we apply an agile development methodology in AI and Data Science?

4. What problems can we solve using causal inference, machine learning, and empirical IO?

5. What’s the quickest way to find patterns in a dynamic product feedback loop?

6. How can we automate analysis, modeling, and optimization?

7. How can we maximize value creation in a competitive ecosystem?

we are

Happy Elements AI and Data Science is an elite team of data scientists, software engineers, and economists solving AI’s most meaningful challenges.

We sit in San Francisco and partner closely with our colleagues at Happy Elements, headquartered in Beijing, to disrupt gaming with the power of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to change the game—and then change everything.

we work

At Happy Elements AI and Data Science you’ll have access to the resources and talent of Asia’s leading interactive entertainment company.

Happy Elements has 900 employees and R&D centers around the world—so you’ll have the funding and support you need to do your best work. But you’ll also experience the autonomy, passion, and start-up vibe of a small-but-mighty team near the heart of Silicon Valley innovation.

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